So, why am I here?  As a cultural tourist, I find the subject of food fascinating.  It is an underlying theme in the tapestry of human existence.  Everyone eats, it is both different yet familiar wherever you go, and so many important events in life revolve around food.  As a technical evangelist, I find the media of digital text an intriguing and  straightforward way to share my love of the subject with other people and hopefully interact with you and learn more about the how and why of food from people and places I’ve visited (or potentially might).

My love of food essentially began with my family traditions, and grew into something much deeper.  To me, it is interesting to note similarities in the timeline of food.  Something as commonplace as today’s hamburger actually has roots back more than a thousand years to the Romans.  It is exciting when you make a connection and finally see that we are not so different after all.  It is almost like when trends come in cycles — it is said “everything old is new again”.  If you wait long enough, it always comes back into style.

This is my way to share a narrative of my adventures with food.  I enjoy a good story, and I hope you do, too.  My initial objective is to provide recipes, connections and stories that entertain as well as enlighten.

Bon Appetit!

Denise Ertsman